Maximum engagement, minimum lift.

Get a location-aware mobile patient engagement platform that attracts users and keeps them coming back with virtually no IT resources.

Two out of three CIOs rank the importance of mobile to their overall digital strategy as a “4” or “5” on a 5-point scale, but admit they struggle to operationalize it successfully.

Gozio was founded by engineers with deep expertise in consumer applications, who saw a need for true consumer-centric solutions in healthcare. Over 360M mobile interactions later, we’ve proven how care access and engagement increase when the consumer is at the heart of the technology.

For you

Off-the-shelf integrations
Off-the-shelf integrations

We can quickly plug your best-of-breed patient-facing digital solutions into the platform.

Robot powered wayfinding
Robot-powered wayfinding

With no reliance on your infrastructure, our wayfinding provides highly-accurate navigation from home to point of care.

No maintenance
No maintenance

Gozio monitors the platform, is alerted to any issues, and quickly works to resolve them.

And your patients

Native mobile app
Native mobile app

Patients want the consumer-driven experience in healthcare they get in other areas of their lives. That’s what they get with Gozio.

Open access
Open access

Anyone can download the app and use it with no need to log in or authenticate.

Fully branded
Fully branded

It’s our pre-built platform with your branding, driven by what you and your patients want.

Real-time updates
Real-time updates

Updates and changes can easily be made in real time to ensure patients are getting the latest information.

““There’s wayfinding, as well as telehealth appointments, scheduling, a bilingual English and Spanish option, and a patient portal where patients can login and find lab information.”

Michael Saad
Senior VP, Chief Information Officer

Gozio’s Digital Front Door User Experience

Here are the most common questions CIOs ask us about Gozio:
What do you need from the health system’s IT team?

The lift for your internal IT team is minimal. We need access for integrations, and we may need someone to do the walk through with us before we install the beacons and begin mapping.

How long does implementation take?

Implementation time is typically 1-3 months. Organization size and complexity as well as integrations can affect the timeline.

How long does the EHR integration take?

The technical work takes very little time with most integrations completed in less than a month.

Does Gozio really do all the support and maintenance on the platform and wayfinding infrastructure?

Yes. Once the platform is deployed, Gozio actively monitors and maintains all hardware and software to ensure peak performance. Our administrators and support staff are notified via monitoring tools and take action to resolve any issues. No support is needed from your internal IT staff.

What is the uptime availability of the Gozio platform?

Gozio mobile application users connect with AWS via their smartphone's broadband connection. Gozio content management portal requires normal internet connectivity for web applications. AWS services under use achieve greater than 99.99% uptime. Gozio targets at least 99.5% uptime for all services.

How many users can you support on the platform?

Gozio’s platform is scalable to approximately 10M mobile application users. As growth approaches that limit, we will evaluate scalability issues and expand our offering.

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