From home to parking to the point of care.

Patient-centered digital wayfinding designed for healthcare.

Health systems have historically asked staff to help any patient in need of directions and even take them where they need to go. However, with increasing mergers and acquisitions and staffing shortages, this once simple task has become more complicated. Both staff and patients now struggle to navigate these increasingly complex systems.

of first-time hospital patients get lost.

of patients missed appts or were late because they got lost.

of staff don’t know where to direct patients.

You can find out what lost patients are costing your system in this simple calculator.

Gozio provides a true hand-holding experience from home to parking to the point of care

Driving Directions

Patients access driving directions within the app or even their appointment reminder. Searchable, static maps can also be accessed on a computer and shared shared with a smartphone.

Indoor Positioning

The app can save patients' parking spot, and navigate them throughout your campus with highly accurate indoor positioning.

Sensor Fusion

Gozio uses patented technology that utilizes many of the sensors on a smartphone, including bluetooth, to accurately guide visitors to their destination, even if they don’t have wifi or cell service.

3-D Maps

In addition to step-by-step directions, visitors can use our state-of-the-art system to view a detailed, customized 3-D map of your entire facility.

Kiosks & Web-Based Navigation

No matter where someone starts their journey–a computer, tablet, kiosk, or phone–Gozio can offer wayfinding and an access point to your digital experience.

Easy Integration

Wayfinding is included in Gozio’s digital front door, but you can also integrate wayfinding into your web experience or existing apps so patients can plan ahead for their healthcare journey.

The Gozio mobile patient engagement platform delivers an experience that attracts and retains users. Find out how in this video.

Research has shown that poor hospital wayfinding causes stress for patients, disrupts staff, and taxes resources like call centers.

“The number one thing for us was taking pressure off the phones. Self-service is where it’s at,” says Melanie Husk, Senior Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer at Baptist Health. “The need for wayfinding also came up a lot in our voice of the customer feedback.”


Baptist chose Gozio’s mobile platform with patented indoor positioning technology because it offered the best digital wayfinding in a platform that could be fully customized and launched quickly.

Here are some of the most common questions marketing and patient experience leaders ask us about Gozio:
What solution is used to get from home to the health system location?

Patients access interactive driving directions within the app using Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze. Once the patient is on the health system campus, navigation automatically switches to Gozio’s patented positioning.

How accurate is the indoor positioning?

Gozio’s indoor positioning is accurate to within less than six feet of the destination.

Can directions be accessed from a computer?

Gozio also offers searchable, static wayfinding that brings together desktop accessibility with mobile connectivity. A patient can begin their journey from their computer, and those directions can be saved or a QR code can be scanned to easily download the health system’s mobile app and navigate from home to parking to the point of care.

Are kiosks available onsite for directions?

Yes. Gozio kiosks allow visitors to bypass the information desk, quickly look up their destination, and get directions they can take with them by scanning a QR code. The directions include a prompt to download the health system’s mobile app for real-time, blue dot navigation and access to all the other patient-facing tools in the platform.

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Here are some of the most common questions marketing and patient experience leaders ask us about Gozio:
What solutions can be integrated into the Gozio platform?

We can pull in any third-party data stream or API that you want to include in your patient-facing mobile strategy.

Does Gozio provide blue dot, turn-by-turn, voice and text guidance?

Yes, Gozio’s patented wayfinding provides blue-dot navigation with turn-by-turn voice and text guidance. 

How accurate is your indoor wayfinding?

The average location accuracy is 1.5 meters.

Is Gozio available in different languages?

Yes, as long as the language reads left to right. The user accesses it through whichever language their phone is in.

Is there a solution for visitors who do not have smartphones?

Yes, there is a kiosk option. Kiosks can show the directions or text the directions to a phone. 

What analytics are available in Gozio?

Our analytics are detailed, location-aware and anonymous—providing opportunities to gain deep insight into patient and visitor behavior.

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