Retain and engage staff with a premium mobile experience.

A customized staff app designed for the challenges of healthcare.

Across the US, 80% of HR leaders report their biggest concern is the labor shortage. For healthcare, the challenge is even bigger, with 26% of healthcare workers leaving their job, and 39% considering quitting. Healthcare employees are overburdened and disengaged, and the problem is costly and complex.

logins can exist for healthcare employees. 

of time is spent looking for job-related information and tools.

of annual operating budget is related to turnover.

is the cost to replace a physician.

Gozio’s mobile platform increases engagement and eases the burden on staff by putting everything on the one device they use everyday

With Gozio’s mobile platform, health systems can deliver customized staff experiences. Create one experience for everyone or target key groups of employees like new hires with a unique experience, all within the same app. Provide easy access to point solutions like scheduling, training, and onboarding, or all staff-facing solutions.

Boost acquisition
Increase Revenue

A staff app can increase per-employee revenue by 5% and reduce turnover costs by 25% to 65%, saving $300k per 1,000 employees.

Create loyalty
Improve Productivity

An employee app can help reduce wasted time by 15% by improving access to work-related tools and resources.

Reduce leakage
Reduce Turnover

Employee mobile apps increase engagement. Turnover for engaged employees is at least 10% lower than it is for employees who are not engaged.

Improve experience
Boost Benefit Utilization

A more personalized experience and effective communication can boost benefits utilization by 2-5x, saving money while also improving staff use of resources like mental health services.

“Teammate retention and satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We think that even small changes, like simplifying access to the tools our teammates need to do their job, could improve job satisfaction and daily experience. We know that satisfied teammates are more likely to stay and ensure we can provide the best care possible to the people of North Carolina.”

Dan Dodson
System Director for Digital Health and Innovation
UNC Health

Here are some of the most common questions healthcare leaders ask about Gozio’s mobile staff experience:
What tools and resources can staff access?

Any tool staff currently access in relation to their job can be plugged into the staff experience if there is an API, data feed, or web link.

Does the staff experience have single sign on capabilities?

Yes, Gozio can work with you to embed your SSO platform within the staff experience to authenticate users. SSO is optional as tailored experiences can be unlocked using the link or QR code only.

Can we combine the staff app with Gozio's consumer mobile platform?

Absolutely. We believe that one app for all the consumers you serve—patients, staff, and visitors—is the best way to drive the highest engagement. Gozio’s platform is designed to be flexible to meet your needs. If a custom staff experience is the only solution you need at this time, we can create that for you. If you would like one app for everyone you serve that contains unique experiences based on user types like patients, visitors, or staff, that can all be done in one platform.

How do staff access the staff portion if it is in a larger branded app?

Staff access the customized experience using a link or QR code. Once authenticated as staff, the version of the health system’s app that they see is customized to staff members.

Can staff also still access our patient-facing tools if we have both staff and patient experiences in our app?

Yes. Your staff are also patients and caregivers who use your health system. Having your staff experience as part of your larger mobile app means they can access patient-facing tools as well like scheduling, wayfinding, and portal access alongside staff specific tools.

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