Mobile patient engagement platform.

Gozio promotes loyalty and growth by putting your digital experience in the consumer’s hand to guide them across their journey.

As healthcare becomes more competitive, there are two things that health systems must focus on: building loyalty and sustaining growth. It isn’t easy in the face of consumers' changing expectations.

of patients want to self-manage their healthcare through technology. 

of patients said a bad digital experience ruins the whole provider experience.

of patients said they would switch providers for high-quality digital services.

Gozio supports over 15M mobile interactions every month

How do we do it? By giving you the flexibility to choose your best-of-breed point solutions, the ability to create unique, custom experiences for patients, and integrating it all with our patented location-aware data hub to create your branded patient mobile app. So, you can solve the challenges that matter most to you and your patients.

The Gozio mobile patient engagement platform delivers an experience that attracts and retains users. Find out how in this video.

“The demonstrated success of our mobile platform helps to realize Piedmont’s mission of quality, safety and service. PiedmontNow offers patients transformational, next generation access to medical services and a unified hassle-free experience.”

Katie Logan
Vice President Experience
Piedmont Healthcare

Here are some of the most common questions marketing and patient experience leaders ask us about Gozio:
What solutions can be integrated into the Gozio platform?

We can pull in any third-party data stream or API that you want to include in your patient-facing mobile strategy.

Does Gozio provide blue dot, turn-by-turn, voice and text guidance?

Yes, Gozio’s patented wayfinding provides blue-dot navigation with turn-by-turn voice and text guidance. 

How accurate is your indoor wayfinding?

The average location accuracy is 1.5 meters.

Is Gozio available in different languages?

Yes, as long as the language reads left to right. The user accesses it through whichever language their phone is in.

Is there a solution for visitors who do not have smartphones?

Yes, there is a kiosk option. Kiosks can show the directions or text the directions to a phone. 

What analytics are available in Gozio?

Our analytics are detailed, location-aware and anonymous—providing opportunities to gain deep insight into patient and visitor behavior.

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