New Normal Demands Real Time Engagement


Functionality All Mobile Platforms Must Have

The pandemic has made clear which capabilities a modern mobile platform needs so it can help health systems in times of crisis and contribute to protecting public health. These capabilities will likely be needed again, as few consider situations like COVID-19 to be an outlying, one-time event.

For most hospitals, that means their mobile platforms will need to do everything they did in the pre-pandemic period, and more. Some of the most important functionalities a modern mobile platform needs include:

  1. Flexible patient triaging
  2. Integrations to EHR, virtual care and more
  3. Real-time responsiveness

While the COVID-19 outbreak and its aftermath are not over, there are already several lessons that can be learned to mitigate the effects of future pandemics. This issues brief examines how mobile and other digital technologies can mitigate public health crises, and how these programs and platforms need to change to effectively meet needs in the post-pandemic new normal.

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