Joshua Titus


Joshua is passionate about creating mobile technology that informs and delights users. This passion led him to co-found Gozio after spending 12 years in management and technical leadership positions at visual computing company NVIDIA.

At NVIDIA, Joshua helped grow the chipset business unit from $200M to $870M in annual revenue before switching focus to mobile processors in 2010. There he helped drive revenue from $150M to $590M in just two years. During this time NVIDIA chips powered products ranging from Microsoft’s Xbox, to Apple’s MacBook Pro, to high-end smart phones and the celebrated Tesla Model S center console.

Prior to NVIDIA, Joshua served in ASIC design, system engineering and management roles at a handful of computer technology companies including Dell Computers, Ross Technology and networking startup Xpeed. He has authored 11 patents and holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In the rare moments where he’s not working, Joshua unwinds by piloting his meticulously restored Cessna Skywagon to destinations across North America.