What engages patients is no longer a mystery.

Gozio attracts consumers and delivers immediate value—through over 15M mobile interactions a month—using a proven mobile engagement platform and strategy.

100% of clients surveyed would buy Gozio again.

According to the KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight

Countless studies from groups like Accenture and McKinsey show that consumers expect a simple, seamless access point for information and interaction:

a digital companion.

Here are the facts:

  • Only 6% of patients indicated a provider app fulfilled their healthcare needs
  • 90% of patients don't feel obligated to stay with providers who don't offer a satisfactory digital experience
  • 93% of hospital executives think mobile is key to improving the patient experience



Why hospital mobile apps fail:

  • They don’t deliver the value consumers are looking for
  • The user experience is poor and can't customized
  • It’s not integrated as part of the digital strategy

How Gozio solves these problems:

  • Providing a single platform that increases access and convenience by putting all your digital solutions in one place
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  • Connecting the digital world and the real world to get patients where they need to go
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  • Creating a premium mobile experience that’s customizable and proven to attract and retain loyal users
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Reaching patients on their mobile devices is becoming the best way for healthcare organizations to connect. But not every mobile solution is the same. Find out why Gozio is different.




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