Providing stress-free, safe guidance to the hospital is a top priority for improving patient experience. We want to capitalize on the growing reliance on smartphones for retrieving online information and directions. By employing Gozio’s powerful, innovative technology, our patients and families will feel confident in arriving at their destination anywhere in the Piedmont Healthcare system.

Matt Gove
Chief Consumer Officer
Piedmont Healthcare System

We are always striving to perfect the patient experience at our hospitals and across our health system. With Gozio’s new wayfinding platform, guests can feel confident with the knowledge that they can arrive at their destination on time, unstressed and at the right location.

Katie Logan
Vice President of Experience
Piedmont Healthcare System

My wife had shoulder surgery on Monday at Piedmont Hospital so I finally was able to use the Gozio platform for the first time. It was almost my first time at Piedmont Hospital and that complex layout is confusing to say the least. I saw the signage for the Piedmont Now app and remembered that Gozio was installed there. I have to say the technology and wayfinding was spot on and helped us navigate to the surgery center and helped me navigate to the café. We would have been walking around for a while had we not had the app.

Piedmont Hospital Patient

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