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Wambi experience delivered through Gozio’s mobile platform improves staff access to recognition and gratitude

ATLANTA –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Gozio Health, an industry-leading, customizable location aware digital health platform, announced today full integration with Wambi, a holistic real-time recognition and culture transformation solution for healthcare workplaces. The partnership will enable hospitals and health systems to easily incorporate Wambi into Gozio-powered mobile applications that bring together all patient-facing digital elements into a single interface.

The partnership aligns with growing concerns over healthcare worker burnout and retention challenges—an epidemic that many believe reached crisis levels during the pandemic. By making Wambi available on Gozio’s digital health platform, hospitals and health systems can drive improvements in staff morale while also addressing growing demands from patients for positive digital experiences.

“Gozio is expanding the boundaries of mobile experiences in healthcare, and Wambi is a key part of a holistic connection that brings together patients and staff in a meaningful way to transform workplace cultures,” said Joshua Titus, CEO and founder of Gozio Health. “The partnership between Gozio and Wambi will deliver substantial value to hospitals and health systems, and we look forward to a long-standing relationship with the exceptional Wambi team.”

Gozio’s comprehensive digital health platform allows healthcare organizations to provide a seamless digital connection between all stakeholders. Staff and visitors of healthcare institutions can access everything from navigation and patient flow capabilities to physician directories, appointment scheduling, patient records and more through a single app. Integrated with the platform, Wambi’s gamified engagement technology delivers real-time feedback from patients and team members that recognizes and motivates optimal care. Wambi users report a 98% improvement in receiving clear and regular feedback, and a 62% increase in feeling valued at their job.

“Wambi has a proven track record for driving culture change in healthcare organizations, and our team strives to identify the best pathways for empowering patients and caregivers with the positive impact of Wambi,” said Rebecca Metter, CEO of Wambi. “We are excited to team up with Gozio and believe this partnership is a pivotal step forward in bringing compassion to the workplace, helping clinicians and team members feel more valued and a sense of belonging.”

For more information about Gozio Health, visit www.goziohealth.com and for more information on Wambi, visit www.wambi.org.

About Gozio Health
Gozio Health offers an end-to-end, customizable digital health platform exclusively for healthcare systems. Gozio’s extensible mobile platform enables seamless consumer interactions and provides an anytime, anywhere connection to patients that improves their overall experience and access to care. Popular patient engagement features include patented wayfinding with turn-by-turn navigation, virtual visits, physician directories, appointment scheduling, access to electronic health records, Urgent Care and Emergency Department wait-times, bill pay and extensive analytics capabilities. For more information, watch the video or visit www.goziohealth.com or find Gozio Health on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Wambi
Wambi’s holistic real-time recognition and culture transformation solution improves the healthcare experience for patients and staff through the power of gratitude. Gamified engagement technology delivers real-time feedback from patients and team members that recognizes and motivates optimal care. With the proven ability to increase workforce engagement, reduce clinician burnout, and drive higher patient satisfaction, Wambi improves human connection for all. Learn more about our solution here.

Derek Clark
Innsena for Gozio Health