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Gozio Health leads the expansion of the health system’s platform bringing mobile wayfinding to more than 1.2 million patients in South Carolina

Greenville, S.C. – Prisma Health announced today it is expanding the health system’s mobile wayfinding platform to six Prisma Health hospitals in Columbia and Tuomey, South Carolina. Atlanta-based Gozio Health, developer of the Prisma Health GO platform that is currently live at eight hospitals, will lead the implementation of the expanded coverage.

“The Prisma Health GO mobile application is a key component of Prisma Health’s goal to provide exceptional and consistent customer experience during the merger of Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health System,” says Rich Rogers, Senior VP/Chief Health Information Executive for the South Carolina Health Company. “Prisma provides healthcare to populations across South Carolina, and it is our imperative that we leverage mobile technology to deliver outstanding patient experience.”

The expansion of Prisma Health GO will provide step-by-step directions to any destination within the health system. Prisma Health’s wayfinding platform brings indoor navigation to over 10 million square feet of the 14 Prisma Health Campus locations. This includes 15 hospitals, 9 healthcare facilities and 16 parking decks. In addition, patients have access to over 300 satellite locations, putting all the hospital system’s amenities and services at visitors’ fingertips. Patients also have immediate access to physician directories, medical records, Convenient Care and Emergency Department wait times, and save my spot parking locator.

“We know we are making a positive difference in patient experience when Gozio’s wayfinding technology is available to more than 1.2 million patients in South Carolina alone,” says Joshua Titus, CEO and Founder of Gozio Health. “Gozio’s mobile wayfinding platform connects hospitals to patients in a way that patients now expect from their providers. This is critical to delivering uninterrupted care in newly merged healthcare systems.”

The initial launch of Prisma Health’s wayfinding platform included the eight hospitals, seven parking decks and 200 satellite clinics of the former Greenville Health System. The expanded coverage adds the former Palmetto Health and Tuomey Health locations for a seamless navigation experience throughout the entirety of the recently merged systems.

About Gozio

Gozio Health transforms indoor navigation and significantly improves patient experience with a smartphone-based, indoor positioning and wayfinding platform specifically designed for hospitals and healthcare systems. Gozio’s pioneering mobile platform dramatically improves mobile adoption rates for hospitals and seamlessly integrates mobile technology into patient engagement strategies. In addition to numerous industry awards, the wayfinding solution from Gozio has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association. For more information, visit www.goziohealth.com, or find Gozio Health on Twitter and LinkedIn.