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ASHHRA 2017 Annual Conference
Sept. 16-19, 2017

Navigating through hospitals can be difficult for patients, despite best efforts with physical and digital signage. Hospital staff often bear the burden of assisting lost visitors, and these workplace distractions result in lost revenue or actual clinical errors. Atlanta’s Piedmont Healthcare took a unique approach to decreasing staff interruptions while improving patient care and experience by adopting an innovative solution – mobile wayfinding. By assigning everyday technology (smartphones) to an everyday problem (getting lost), Piedmont chose to implement a mobile strategy that addressed a specific staff pain point and allowed them to return their focus to patient care. Staff engagement was key to implementing the overall mobile strategy. Piedmont created a system-wide scavenger hunt to introduce staff to the platform and present as an organizational onboarding activity.

Katie Logan, VP, Experience at Piedmont, will discuss how the hospital’s mobile wayfinding platform became an opportunity to support staff by resolving a workplace inefficiency and relied on staff engagement to successfully implement a new, ongoing patient experience improvement.

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