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Gartner Analysts Predict Bright Future for Hospital Mobile Wayfinding Platforms.

In two recent Hype Cycle reports Gartner analysts noted that experiential wayfinding is no longer considered “nice to have” for healthcare systems.  Experiential wayfinding is now an essential tool for delivering a superior end-to end patient experience and operational optimization.

With dynamic patient engagement features and real-time analytics, experiential wayfinding is poised to become an integral technology platform for hospital CIOs.

“Based on inquiry calls, experiential wayfinding adoption is increasing,” describes Mark Gilbert, Gartner healthcare technology analyst. “Health Delivery Organizations (HDOs) primarily use experiential wayfinding as a means to create a consumer-centric patient experience. For visionaries, experiential wayfinding is envisioned as an integral component of a consumer and patient engagement strategy and as an on ramp to the real-time health system.”

“Healthcare CIOs choose Gozio’s mobile wayfinding platform because it is a patient-centric hub of health services and hospital information,” says Joshua Titus, CEO and Founder Gozio Health. “Patients are no longer lost and hospital CIOs are no longer lost with technology that optimizes patient experience.”

“Wayfinding has evolved to encompass an ecosystem of technologies that combine in a way that assists a patient to conveniently locate and navigate the healthcare provider facility and space,” notes Gilbert. “Experiential wayfinding helps patients navigate an episode of care or navigate their health journey. Wayfinding of all forms is becoming a requirement as the complexity of care delivery continues in increase.”

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