Atlanta, GA – Gozio Health, which provides an indoor navigation platform for hospitals, has been accepted into theAdvanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) Select program, a three-year startup accelerator for high potential technology companies. The technology business accelerator serves approximately 40 companies each year by facilitating connections to coaching, capital, customers and Georgia Institute of Technology’s resources and talent.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of ATDC’s Select program,” says Joshua Titus, Gozio Health CEO. “Having the support of a renowned technical institution like Georgia Tech enables us to quickly expand the number of hospitals and patients benefitting from our technology. Having mobile devices that are location aware connects the online world and the real world in ways we could not have dreamt of when GPS and cell phones were first married 15 years ago. Gozio Health takes that connection to the next level by extending a mobile device’s location awareness indoors.”

Indoor navigation, or wayfinding, is extremely difficult as the physical structure of modern buildings distorts and blocks GPS signals. Using a patent-pending sensor fusion technology, Gozio combines data from a smartphone’s electromagnetic, motion and orientation sensors to provide unrivaled accuracy without expensive building infrastructure upgrades.

Gozio Health currently focuses on hospitals, which have a particularly complex geography that results in more than 30 percent of hospital visitors interrupting staff to request directions. Patients appreciate Gozio’s step-by-step directions to a specific destination or to hospital amenities such as the pharmacy and cafeteria. Users benefit from access to a physician directory, appointment notifications, navigating traffic and even a reminder of where they parked.

ATDC is ranked as one of the world’s top technology incubators, and was named a Top 12 Incubator Changing the World by Forbes in 2013. ATDC Select’s rigorous selection process is based on the uniqueness and defensibility of the core product or service; the potential for the business to scale and receive funding; the domain expertise and full-time commitment of the team; plus ATDC’s ability to add value through its program and coaching.

About Gozio Health

Gozio Health has created a smartphone-based, indoor positioning and wayfinding platform that dramatically improves hospital visits for both the visitor and the hospital. The innovative mobile technology provides visitors with GPS-like guidance inside a hospital. Gozio’s pioneering mobile technology helps hospitals create persistent relationships extending beyond the hospital’s four walls, while enhancing patient engagement and satisfaction. Hospitals benefit by improving patient quality scores, reducing missed and late appointments and more easily achieving Meaningful Use Stage 2 goals.

Company contact: Joshua Titus, 772.444.6946