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The Beryl Institute’s annual Patient Experience Conference is a three-day powerhouse event bringing together top patient experience experts who are creating ways to make a difference in how patients are “included, informed and inspired” in their healthcare journey.

This year at the Beryl Institute 2017 Patient Experience Conference, Gozio CEO Joshua Titus and Ben Riestra, Chief Administrative Officer at The Lennar Foundation Medical Center University of Miami Health System, were invited to speak on “Leveraging Mobile Technology to Enhance the Patient Experience.” The wrap up below details the highlights of their presentation.

What does excellence in patient experience mean at Lennar Medical Foundation?
At Lennar Medical Foundation, a different experience awaits with a focus on the individual. Each space at the newly opened facility was intuitively planned, imaginatively designed, and instinctively positioned to naturally reduce stress and anxiety otherwise experienced by both staff and guests. Integral to the facilities design was prioritizing technology and innovation in all aspects of patient care including wayfinding.

How did the partnership between the University of Miami Health System and Gozio elevate the level of service for guests in key areas of accessibility, convenience and transparency?
Gozio’s mobile wayfinding platform improves accessibility by simplifying how patients and visitors navigate from home to their point of care and how they request future appointments. Combined with the mobile app’s unrivaled accuracy in navigation, it adds convenience by making it easy to search for a specialist or physician and providing parking shuttle and valet options. The wayfinding app also allows patients to schedule appointments and to provide direct feedback through surveys and satisfaction ratings

How does mobile wayfinding enhance patient experience at Lennar Foundation Medical Center?
Smartphones have become our problem-solving companions, and we’ve come to rely on our smartphones for location-based information. The newly built Lennar Foundation Medical Center had specific pain points that a mobile platform with wayfinding navigation could address. As a brand-new medical center that opened in November 2016, the Center needed a way to engage patients, address transportation and parking concerns, feature key amenities and promote the new hospital’s brand. Hospital leadership had experience with an existing mobile app, but without wayfinding the app lacked a strong hook for guests to return to continue using the app rendering it ineffective. A mobile app with wayfinding provides a hook to increase usage while also solving some of the facility’s transportation and complex parking issues. Finding a mobile platform that was flexible and future proof, allowed Lennar to customize the app based on their specific pain points. More than just wayfinding, the app hosts a large physician database, enables mobile appointment scheduling, and gathers real time feedback from patients and guests.

What does it mean to have an app that is flexible and  future proof?
In planning for the future, leadership at Lennar recognized that an app that met their immediate needs would also have to evolve with changes in the built environment, data management and patient engagement. Gozio’s platform allows Lennar to easily update marketing campaigns, points of interest and physicians and departments. The platform is flexible enough to be relevant for future needs such as adding a function that integrates ride sharing services and public transit schedules. The platform was also designed for a roll out to the entire UHealth system, having the flexibility to meet the system’s needs.

Is the mobile platform able handle large hospital systems?
Lennar Medical Center partnered with Gozio to ensure the features would meet the needs of the entire UHealth System.  Plans for expansion include multiple hospitals as well as clinics and other off-site facilities. Gozio believes in creating a “virtual campus” for the system putting the entire system at patient’s fingertips, by providing navigation, services and amenities to all the hospitals and clinics. Gozio believes there should be “one app to rule them all”.

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