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An overview of how hospitals nationwide are prioritizing digital communications during COVID-19.

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COVID-19 is an unprecedented, urgent reality for hospitals. One that demands a digital communication response that evolves at a moment’s notice. Health systems are enlisting extensible mobile platforms as a part of their ecosystem to provide location aware real time alerts, access to telehealth, navigation to off-site testing locations, and symptom checkers to triage patients and help hospitals manage the flow of patients into the system.

Gozio Health’s dynamic, full-featured mobile wayfinding platforms are at the front lines of hospitals’ pandemic communications. Joshua Titus, Gozio CEO and founder, will deliver an overview of how leading health systems are customizing their existing mobile platforms for COVID-19 outreach. The webinar will include a robust Q&A session to assist participants with planning and updating their digital communications strategies – so please submit your questions when you register.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How delivering location based communications and services via smartphones is essential in a crisis
  • Best practices for using a mobile platform to direct patients to the specific locations of testing or care, deliver critical communications, or access telehealth services
  • How real time content management and analytics allow hospitals to adjust communications moment by moment

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