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Real time notifications, easy access to telemedicine, and limit waits in Urgent Care centers.

COVID-19 is an urgent reality we are all facing as we work together to limit exposure to our communities and treat high risk patients. With Gozio’s extensible mobile platform, hospitals have a smartphone app at the ready that can be updated at a moment’s notice with critical information.

Health systems are enlisting this broad-based digital solution in essential functions to direct patients where to go, treat patients remotely and manage time spent in urgent care clinics.

Here are 3 ways our hospital partners are using Gozio’s platform to address this healthcare crisis:

1- Real time notifications and map updates
Gozio’s real time content management system allows hospitals to immediately update their app dashboard with crucial information and push out these notifications to all individuals who have the app on their smartphone. This includes notifying patient’s and visitors of safety measures in place and or any directives based on the hospital’s policy . Real time content management updates allow the app to be dynamic and serve an essential role in the hospital’s digital communication strategy.

2- Telemedicine
Access to telemedicine is invaluable during this time. Our hospital partners with telemedicine have integrated these portals with Gozio’s platform creating a multi-functional digital solution to access care. Patients can open the hospital app on their phone and choose multiple options. From scheduling an appointment with a primary care provider, getting immediate directions and information on urgent care clinics or emergency departments, or speak to a provider via telemedicine, Gozio’s extensible platform can be equipped for patients to access the care they need.

3- Urgent Care wait times and Save My Spot functionality
Patients who need to visit Urgent Care clinics can see the current wait times at the nearest location and save their spot in line at the clinic. Allowing patients to limit their wait time in urgent care clinics is critical during this time.

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