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Gozio’s Digital Front Door Experience

The pandemic “kicked open the digital front door.” Now, the right mobile strategy is not only a competitive differentiator, but also key to optimal patient experiences. Today’s hospitals and health systems need to embrace a strategy that ties together all consumer-facing digital elements into one easy-to-use mobile patient application.


of consumers said they would switch to a new healthcare provider for high-quality digital services.


of consumers said that a bad digital experience can ruin the entire experience with a provider.


of hospital execs think mobile is key to improving patient experience.

Patient Flow

Provide a digital hand-holding experience that maps out each step of the patient’s journey—home to parking to point of care. It will reduce the chance of patients missing, or being late to, appointments and improve their overall experience, which is more important than ever.


  • Missed appointments cost healthcare $150B a year.
  • 30% of first-time visitors get confused and/or lost when visiting the hospital.
  • 90% of patients don’t feel obligated to stay with providers that don’t deliver a satisfactory digital experience.

Access to Care

Offer easy access to all the tools and features patients want to manage their care from online scheduling to telehealth appointments. Gozio can integrate with all your third-party API’s, apps and data streams.

90% of patients want to self-manage their healthcare leveraging technology.

65% of patients expect to continue to use telehealth after the pandemic.

63% of physicians say they need better patient engagement to improve care delivery.

“The demonstrated success of our mobile platform helps to realize Piedmont’s mission of quality, safety and service. PiedmontNow offers patients transformational, next generation access to medical services and a unified hassle-free experience”.

Katie Logan
Vice President Experience
Piedmont Healthcare

Patient Communication

It has never been more important to be able to facilitate meaningful communication with patients or to understand their experience. Targeted push notifications strengthen outreach to all, surveys offer a vital tool for feedback, and regular newsletters keeps patient informed.


  • Targeted push notifications reached their highest level in four years during COVID-19.
  • 53% of patients say their top complaint is related to communication.
  • 83% of patients described poor communication as the worst part of their experience in 2020.


Gozio’s analytics are detailed, location-aware and anonymous, providing opportunities to gain deep insight into patient and visitor behavior. Access to this kind of reporting enables informed, data-driven operational decisions that improve access, experience and care. Easily see:

  • Mobile app adoption rates.
  • Re-use rates by feature: EHR, Appointments Scheduling, Virtual Visits, etc.
  • What patients are searching for and where they were when searching.