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Fast Track

A dynamic, critical communications mobile platform.

Fast Track

A dynamic, critical communications mobile platform.

COVID-19 requires that healthcare systems provide their communities with critical real time communications and guidance. Gozio’s COVID-19 Fast Track solution can be deployed in days to support real time messaging, chatbots for virtual triage and dynamic routing of users to their appropriate point of care – all via their smartphone.

Gozio develops customizable, digital solutions exclusively for hospitals. Our Fast Track solution is a focused version of the full, extensible Gozio platform developed to help healthcare systems respond immediately to the communication challenges posed by COVID-19. Additional features can be added any time after launch.

Gozio’s COVID-19 Fast Track allows hospitals and emergency response organizations to:

Surface critical information with a dynamic mobile dashboard

  • Real time notifications and alerts
  • Online Education – preventing spread, common symptoms, and COVID-19 updates
  • COVID-19 Hotlines
  • Dynamic lists of screening and treatment centers
  • Target users within a specific geo-area or users that have visited a given point of care

Plug in your existing virtual health tools to help flatten the curve

  • Telehealth
  • Virtual Triage
  • Electronic Health Records

Direct patients to a specific location of care with navigation and wayfinding

  • Drive-through screening (can direct patients to a tent in a parking lot)
  • Walk-in screening
  • Hospitals and satellite locations
  • Make-shift care centers


Need a mobile app now?


No problem. Our team can go live with a branded mobile app in days using our industry-leading platform.

You provide simple brand guidelines, and we will quickly turn around Gozio’s COVID-19 Fast Track solution

To learn more about the Gozio COVID-19 Fast Track solution, please contact Barb Kragor or call 772-444-6946.